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In this article, we intend to decipher the most important codes that contribute to the creation of an efficient advertising message. Methodologically, the print advertising message is approached through the semio-rethoric-discursive and psycho-communicational perspectives that can reveal its complex significations beyond the immediate perception of the receiver. Although having a distinct role and a specific manifestation, each code contributes to the creation of a homogenous and persuasive message, together with all the other codes. Besides this multi-layering of codes, the advertising communication stakes on the transmitter, the channel, the referent and the receiver in order to create a persuasive rhetorical, unique and seductive message. All these instances that sustain the process of communication operate in a strategic-discursive dynamic relation to generate a unique icono-textual message that attracts the potential consumer to a perfect world, in which his/her needs are fulfilled.

Iuliana Apetri


  Iuliana Apetri, Ph.D., is an Associated Lecturer at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, University of Suceava, Romania. She is working in the fields of Public Relations, Communication Sciences, Advertising and Life Sciences. She is an expert in neuro-linguistic programming, psycho-emotional research and the science of consciousness. In her researches, she combines the elements, the mechanisms and the relations between the cognitive, the psycho-affective and the behavioral aspects of the human being in order to understand and to explain people`s actions and reactions.

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