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When applying G. Genette’s transtextuality theory to the reception of the translation of relocation
narratives it becomes readily apparent that the latter can be highly prompted by the treatment of the paratextual elements across the languages concerned by the act of translation. The overarching aim of this paper is to examine how a salient part of the authorial peritext, composed of the title and the subtitle, and an equally important part of the public epitext, namely the blurb(s) on the sites of the publishing houses or on the book-selling sites promoting the books in question, are meant to contribute to the advertising of this travel literature subgenre in both the narrator’s mother tongue and culture amidst which he grew up and shaped his identity and in the foreign language of his host culture in which he chose to immerse himself, as well as in other foreign languages.

Nicoleta-Loredana Moroşan


  Nicoleta-Loredana Moroşan is associate professor in French Studies at Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania. Her research interests include transtextuality in relocation narratives, the pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures, and translation studies. Her latest book is Traduire le discours de la rencontre culturelle (2019). Her translations include works in the field of linguistics by Eugeniu Coşeriu (2009) and Dominique Maingueneau (2007, 2008) and are aimed at contributing to the popularization of world history in children’s literature: Alain Demurger (2010), Jacques Le Goff (2008).

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