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This paper analyses Florina Ilis’s novel ‘Cinci nori colorati pe cerul de rasarit’ while including it in the wider context of posthumanities. Since the writer is also the author of a theoretical study on cyberpunk fiction, I thought it adequate to use posthumanities as a primary tool. Some of the prevalent themes in the text are: the primacy of information over matter, the alteration of social or personal practices and the humanisation of technology.

Daniela Petroșel


Dr Daniela Petroşel is Assistant Professor at the Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania; her fields of interest are Romanian literature, literary criticism, posthumanism, and theories of reading. She has published three books, The Rhetoric of Parody (2006), The Age of the Machine. About Posthumanism and Technological Imagery in Fiction (2014), and The Fiction of Criticism (2015), as well as over 50 articles in various scientific journals.

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