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The image that Romania has abroad represents, especially from a journalistic perspective, a more and more fashionable topic, although the westerners’ interest in this ‘different’ country is not that recent. What is recent is the self-awareness that Romanians are starting to develop, with regard to the westerners’ opinions, appreciative or deprecatory as they may be. The media play a very important role in the dissemination of national images and are the main provider of clichés and stereotypes. Ethnic groups are stereotyped and ‘otherized’ on the basis of popular media images. However, travel accounts are the literary works that carry imagological messages par excellence. My intention is to illustrate how the media influence the dissemination of images in travel writing and how images in travel writing can be approached through instruments normally used in journalistic discourse analysis

Andi Sâsâiac


Andi Sâsâiac is a bachelor of translation and interpreting and master of European studies at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași, Romania (with an Erasmus mobility at the West Catholic University of Angers). He has been in charge of the Business English and French for beginners seminars at the Vocational College for Economists and Business Assistants in Novo mesto, Slovenia. His fields of interest comprise journalistic translation and the translation of Romania’s images in the Anglophone literature, which constitute the topic of his doctoral research. The author is currently a teacher of English and French in a public lower secondary school.

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